The Ultimate Guide For Women’s Motorbike Gear!


Even with more and more women jumping on a motorbike every year it’s a well-known fact that there just isn’t a huge selection of women’s motorbike gear in the market. While male bikers have their pick of stylish, high quality and well-fitting safety gear, we tend to be stuck with overpriced, oversized and pretty ugly pieces on the whole. It’s not hard to see that women of the motorbike world want three things from our bike gear: safety, style and comfort so we decided to put together the ultimate guide to women’s motorbike gear so you can ride with style!

Bike Jackets

Every female biker needs a perfect jacket as part of their riding gear, whether it’s classic leather or breathable Kevlar its essential (like a little black dress that could literally save your skin). One of our favourite leather jackets is the Rev’IT Bellour Ladies Jacket for £299.99 (, not the most expensive jacket on the market but still not the cheapest. One of the best things about this jacket is that it looks more like a fashion item than a piece of protective clothing but still keeping all of the reassuring safety features you would expect, including built in CE approved soft armour on the elbows and shoulders and a large back pocket for optional back protection. This jacket basically covers all of the bases for a bike jacket, top quality vintage style leather, heaps of safety and adjustable tabs for comfort.

In terms of Kevlar we like the Rev’IT Ventur jacket (; it’s a top of the line adventure/sport touring jacket that gives you all the features of a man’s jacket with a perfect fit to the female body. Fair enough it’s not a very stylish jacket but it does give all the protection from the elements as well as ultimate comfort with great lining and ventilation. Not to mention it has a crazy amount of pockets (and we all know the biggest problem with ladies clothing is the lack of them, I mean come on designers give us more pockets!) there are over 9 pockets in total including a huge back pocket for storage or added protection. This is definitely a jacket for the more adventurous biker who doesn’t mind sacrificing style for top of the range safety and comfort.


Thankfully there’s a pretty wide selection of helmets for women, so with sleek, streamlined full face helmets you can keep those bugs out of your teeth in style! A great helmet brand to check out is the Icon Airmada (, they stock a wide range of designs including patterns and block colours to suit your specific style and with a price range of £130- £200 you can get one at decent value. Not to mention they come in 4 different sizes so you’re getting a small helmet for your small head rather than a large helmet with a ton of padding to fill it out this reduces wind resistance and weight.


Although often looked over riding trousers are one of the most important pieces of gear because they are so close to the ground and in the event of an accident are going to take the brunt of the damage. Motorbike pants aren’t known for being very flattering but don’t be discouraged, you can find stylish bike trousers out there! The full Kevlar legging from Motogirl ( are a favourite of ours, the two layers of Dupont Kevlar and polyester abrasion resistance make the leggings extra safe and breathable. Designed to look cool and stylish while giving you the best protection possible, you can buy the leggings from UK size 4 up to a 28. The price of £129 is reasonable but not cheap as the leggings give you CE Approved Level 2 knee and hip protection and heavy duty abrasion resistance.

If jeans are more up your street check out UglyBROS Jeans (, they have a large range of women’s motorbike jeans either with Kevlar lining or armour inserts. The designs are a lot like the race suits from back in the day, with ribbed accent panels and diamond-quilt panels incorporated into the design and in our opinion, look pretty cool! Best of all the style doesn’t sacrifice comfort or protection, each pair of jeans come with contoured CE hip and knee armour- the knee armour being removable for extra comfort. Over all the UglyBRO jeans are a big favourite of mine because of the excellent comfort, flattering fit and the effortlessly cool old school style!


A great pair of motorbike gloves is the key to feeling in tune with and in control of your bike, not just protecting your knuckles from road rash. You can find some pretty good gloves that are well armoured without having to look like you’ve got man hands!  Another great product from Icon Pursuit is the women’s Tough Screen Gloves ( At £70 a pair they aren’t super pricey but they make the perfect basic motorbike glove, with reinforced knuckles and slim fingers they will last forever. Or if you’re looking for something a bit more stylish the Icon Fairlady gloves  ( be a better choice, they have even more protection as well as a more fashionable appearance however this does push up the price bit to £120…


Boots probably have the best availability out of anything else on this list; there is a huge variety of boots in different styles, materials and colours to suit your look! We LOVE the Daytona Lady Star GTX (, at £299.99 they aren’t exactly bargain basement but, you get a lot of bang for your buck! With an insole raided by 2.5cm at the heel and 8mm at the toe it makes it so much easier for those of us on the shorter side to touch the deck of the bike. The adjustable calf makes them a perfect fit for anyone and the wind and water proof Gore-Tex membrane keeps you safe from the elements at all times.

So, now you’ve got the low down on our favourite women’s motorbike gear, ride on in style (and safety) biker chicks!