BMW K1600GT Review


The BMW K1600GT  has had numerous changes to improve the sports tourer and bring it up-to-date with the other motorbikes in its category. As the earlier version of the BMW K1600GT was already a solid sports tourer, the bar is high for the newer edition. Does the BMW K1600GT have what it takes to surpass the expectations set by its older brother? Let’s take a look and see what the sports tourer has to offer!


The first change that you will observe on the new BMW K1600GT is the air vents, which are bigger than the ones on the previous model. You can pull out the air vents manually so that it can collect larger quantities of air. The body of the sports tourer has been updated to give it a contemporary look.

The sports tourer comes with the German manufacturer’s Dynamic ESA, a semi-active system. Thanks to the Dynamic ESA, the motorbike adjusts the damping of the suspension automatically. On top of that, you can adjust the dampness settings from Dynamic to Road, so that the motorbike is comfortable, regardless of the condition of the road.

Even though the motorbike has a wet weight of 319kg, it is quite easy to handle while going around a corner. Even when you are cornering at high speeds, the motorbike is stable. Along with the Dynamic SEA suspension, you will always feel in control of the motorbike.

Bringing the motorbike to a complete halt even at high speeds is a breeze, thanks to the four-piston callipers in the front and twin-piston callipers in the rear. Coupled with the ABS, hard braking on this powerful motorbike won’t be a problem.

The dashboard on the BMW K1600GT is a mix of analogue and digital. The speed and rev counter are analogue, while everything else is digital. It also comes with a separate display for SatNav, so that it is easier to pay attention to where you are going. Both the grips and seats on the motorbike can be heated.

It also comes with Intelligent Emergency Call, which is a system that contacts the authorities, in case you meet with an accident. It also comes with an SOS button, which helps you report other accidents.


The BMW K1600GT comes with a six-cylinder, 24-valve, DOHC, liquid-cooled, 1649cc engine that produces 160 hp of power at 7,750 rpm and torque of 129 lb-ft at 6,500 rpm. It also comes with Shift Assistant Pro, which is handy in when going up or down a gear. With 26.5-litre fuel tank, you can cover large distances on the motorbike without breaking a sweat.


The BMW K1600GT is one of the best sports tourers on the market, as the German manufacturer made the right changes. The new Dynamic SEA suspension is a welcome addition as it makes the ride luxurious and comfortable. The Intelligent Emergency Call and SOS ensure that help will be on its way if there is an accident. You can get the basic model of the K1600GT for £17,205.