Honda CRF250 Rally Review


The Honda CRF250 Rally is a variant of the popular mini-adventure bike, the CRF250L. As manufacturers such as Kawasaki, Suzuki and BMW have their own versions of mini-adventure bikes on the market, the Honda CRF250 Rally has a lot of competition. Will the motorbike surpass our expectations and be the best of the lot? Let’s check it out!


The Honda CRF250 Rally gets its stylish adventure bike-looks from its more powerful cousin, the HRC CRF450 Rally. It comes with 21-inch wheels in the front and 18-inch ones in the rear. When you compare Honda to other manufacturers’ mini-adventure bikes, you will observe that the CRF250 Rally looks more like it can handle off-road terrain.

The front suspension of this mini-adventure bike comes with upside-down telescopic forks while the rear has preload, adjustable pro-link. The results are incredible as the motorbike performs well on the trails. As the suspension is soft, it can absorb everything the trails throw at it, making the ride manageable and comfortable at the same time. The seat has enough space, allowing you to adjust your weight and apply it on the rear or front of the motorbike, when necessary.

The Japanese manufacturer has fitted in single-disc brakes in the front and rear of the motorbike. For additional control on off-road terrains, the Honda CRF250 Rally comes with ABS. However, you have the option of turning off the ABS on the rear brakes for better off-road control.

The Honda CRF250 Rally has a curb weight of 157kg, making it a light mini-adventure bike. Whether you are using the motorbike on or off-road, you will find it to be quick and nimble around the corners.

You get a digital tachometer on the motorbike, which displays speed, revs, time, fuel remaining, and the total distance covered. The headlight and the tail light use LED and bulb respectively. The seat height of the motorbike is 895mm.


The Honda CRF250 Rally comes with a DOHC, a single cylinder liquid-cooled 250cc engine that produces 24.4 hp of power at 8,500 rpm and a torque of 16.6 lb-ft at 6,750 rpm. Even when you take the motorbike on the road, you will find the power to be sufficient to zip past the traffic. Off-road, the power delivery is smooth enough to handle a variety of terrain without any problem.

As the motorbike reaches its maximum torque at lower rpm, it is much easier to handle it off-road. The motorbike comes with a 10.1-litre fuel tank, allowing you to cover over 190 miles without having to worry about running out of petrol.


The Honda CRF250 Rally is an extremely good mini-adventure bike that is amazing both on and off-road.

The soft suspension soaks up the majority of the bumps on the trail, making you feel like you are riding on a level terrain. The power delivery is sufficient to make the ride thrilling and exciting. You can get extra control on the Honda CRF250 Rally as you can turn off the ABS on the rear brakes. The Honda CRF250 Rally comes with a base price of £5,399.