The British Moto GP this year was an eventful race. There were some unexpected twists and the races themselves were on edge. The ever lively Silverstone circuit was, as always a challenge and the racers were fierce and competitive. The podium finishers were: - Maverick Viñales - Cal Crutchlow - Valentino Rossi The top five included: - Marc Marquez - Dani Pedrosa The 2016 British Moto GP was a historical race in more ways than one. Team Suzuki returned to the GP after a 3 year break last year. They entered with their GSX-RR and took home the gold. The bike was built to win races and after their entry at Le Mans, where they won third, this cup is another feather in the history of the bike, a high revving, in line four engine that had a distinct wheeze about itself. The bike was jockeyed by Spaniard Maverick Viñales and he expertly led his team to the top of the podium. Since the time Suzuki returned, their racing has been impressive and this victory has put them back on the map.


The biggest upset in the 2016 British Moto GP race was the dropping off to fourth place on the table by Marc Marquez- defending world champion. He lost a battle with Crutchlow and went off track early on in the race. He was unable to make a convincing comeback. The race was originally red flagged after a massive crash in the first lap as soon as it started. The crash was a spectacular one, you might want to search for that video online. It involved Pol Espargaro and Loriz Baz. Baz needed the most treatment, but was fine right after. Both of them were unable to complete the race with the rest of the participants. Alex Lowes was standing in for Bradley Smith and finished 13th overall. Smith was out of action after he suffered severe knee injuries the previous week.

The dominating teams

The race belonged to Suzuki right from the get go and they pretty much dominated the entire race. Vinales took an early lead and stayed there through the race. After the race was red flagged in the first lap because of the crash, it was condensed to only 19 laps. Vinales got to work immediately and cleared a victory that was outright flag to finishing flag. At the chequered flag, he was a whole 3.4 seconds, that is massive! Next year Vinales joins Yamaha and will battle alongside Rossi as a team-mate. Vinalles’ victory was his first ever, making it all the more special. The race also had a few other landmarks. It was Rossi’s 250th premiership race, he is one of Moto GP’s most decorated riders, having won the world championship 9 times in his illustrious career. It was also the first time since 1981 that a Britisher was at the podium at Silverstone with Crutchlow coming in at second place. Barry Sheene did it last. As of now, Marc Marquez, who came 4th has 210 points, that is 50 points ahead of Rossi and 64 ahead of Lorenzo in the standings.

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