The BMW HP4 Race is mind numbingly fast. It is also extremely thrilling to ride. Many will say that this should be expected from an above £68,000 bike which are to be manufactured in a restricted run of only 750 units. It helps that the engine is of superbike-specification. The motorbike is also a light one, weighing only 171.4 kilograms with a fully fuelled up tank. This is achieved by a carbon-fibre frame. The wheels are created from cycle parts imported from racing bikes.

Advanced technology

The BMW HP4 Race is a machine produced from years of research. The BMW crafted motorcycle’s wheels and frame are produced completely by machines. They are the result of a Resin Transfer Moulding, a new and accelerated automated process. The process takes about two hours and each unit is an identical copy of another. The carbon has more strength than metals and corrosion resistant as well. The HP4 Race is now a standard for carbon fibre chassis equipped bike performance. The peak power output of the BMW HP4 Race is 212 bhp coming at 13,900rpm. This is a lot, with only five horsepower less on World Superbike motor. This specification will allow the bike to easily do a single season of 15 weekends. Each weekend comprises of 180 miles. The motorcycle has 15 traction control levels. It has engine breaking and five brakes for wheelie control. All brakes are programmable for every gear in six speed box. The motorcycle can be adjusted at will. The carbon fibre frame includes inserts which permit the fine tuning of trail and rake figures and the swing arm pivot position. The linkage ratios and shock length can be adjusted as well. There are also the vast range of settings for Ohlins manufactured FGR300 forks and the rarely found TTX36 GP rear-shock. The height of the seat can be adjusted via three positions through unbolting of carbon rear subframe. The rear sets enjoy eight positions. A rider has to simply push blue on left bar to select engine braking or traction control. The green button must be pushed for up and the red for down. When it comes to the right, the red is the kill-switch. The starter is black and for the pit-lane limiter. The rider will press blue to toggle across four engine presets: Dry1, Dry2,Wet and Intermediate. The bike is extremely fast even on the intermediate for the first session. It is also precise. The engine pulls sharply from the low revs and gathers torque through the midrange.

Riding Ease

All these can be frightening to a rider who simply wants to ride a bike. However, that’s where the beauty of the bike comes in. It is delightfully straightforward to just get on the bike and ride it. The rider’s view over carbon encased aluminium tank leads to a big digital dash. A milled yoke at the top has a numbered plaque showing the bike’s number of the 750 bikes BMW will produce. There are clip-ons with the racer like coloured buttons.

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