After Ducati’s Sports Classic range waned away, fans have pined for Ducati’s cafe racer series of bikes. Little did people know that the launch of the Ducati Scrambler brand in 2015 would make phenomenal success in the motorbiking fraternity.

Enter Ducati Scrambler 800 Cafe Racer

Ducati bears another surprise in 2017 with its new Ducati Scrambler 800 Cafe Racer, which is an interpretation of the bikes from the 60’s - when the motorbiking community witnessed a revolution. The Ducati Scrambler Cafe Racer broadens the bandwidth of the Scrambler brand, which now provides a new view of the most influential movements in the motorcycling community. The Ducati Scrambler 800 Cafe Racer has 17 inch wheels with Pirelli Diablo Rossi II tyres, a vital feature on this version that has a broad scope for personalisation. The Cafe Racer, like any other versions from the Scrambler collection, encompasses accessories and apparel, portraying a style that resonates with the brand’s overall appeal. The Scrambler 800 Cafe Racer is equipped with an 803cc air-cooled, 75bhp, L-twin engine taken from the Icon. It’s modestly powered and provides a smooth force delivery through a longer-throw throttle tube. The gearbox and the clutch of these motorbikes are light, thus making it easier and simpler to tap into. Having beefed-up front and rear damping and longer upper tubes, the Scrambler Cafe Racer’s non-adjustable forks allow you to cope with additional cornering forces. These new clip-ons are widespread for providing sufficient wiggle room. And the rear pegs are low enough for a smooth ride without hurting your knees.

What’s different about their style?

Ducati’s Scrambler 800 Cafe Racer has checkerboard patterns with a black coffee colour scheme from the 1960’s, thus giving it a classy and free look. The bike has been engineered meticulously to surpass older styles of bikes from the same family. The teardrop tank with interchangeable aluminium panels joins forces with a comfy seat for the passenger section. The engraved filler cap, brake lever-span adjuster, Brembo master cylinder, monobloc radial front caliper, multi-function speedo and fork tops all establish the classiness of these bikes as a rendition of the 60’s style. The sporty mudguard in the front, rear-view mirrors perched on aluminium handlebars, and the low plate holder marks a departure from the existing designs of Scrambler bikes from Ducati. Weighing 188kg when fuelled to maximum capacity, the Cafe Racer can flick effortlessly from side to side. You can get a spirited riding experience with the ample clearance and braking space. However, the only flaw with these bikes is the high position of the rear brake lever and the softer opening of the throttle. The Ducati Scrambler 800 Cafe Racer is a capable motorbike offering a decent chassis and engine performance. No matter how you choose to ride it, you will definitely experience its high-performing abilities. These accessible and simple motorbikes are reminiscent of the bikes that roared on the streets of London in the 1960’s but come at an extensive price and high cost of ownership.

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