When you are not riding your motorbike you want to make sure that your motorbike is as safe, reduce weather damage, charge its battery and most of all keep it away from motorbike thieves! There are a lot of reasons you might want to invest in a bit of motorbike storage, from a simple tarp and a chain in the ground to a full security storage unit and we explain all you need to know. First of all, why is motorbike storage an important thing to consider? 2016 saw motorbike theft increase dramatically and it keeps going up as thieves have new tricks up their sleeves to get their paws on your ride. The best way you can prevent becoming and another theft statistic is investing in motorbike storage options, keeping it off the road and hidden away dramatically decreases the chance of it getting stolen. If you leave your bike out in the open not only is it an easy target but it’s also open to the weather, that will really take a toll on it overtime, moisture damage and just generally getting your ride mucky! It’s also a great way to save money on your insurance, keeping your bike stored away means insurance premiums are much lower compared to storing it out on the street. Let me take you through some of our favourite motorbike storage options from the cheapest to the most expensive you can buy… At the lowest end of the price scale you can go for a simple cover for your bike. Obviously the cover isn’t a huge help in stopping motorbike theft but it obscures it from view, meaning a possible thief can’t tell if it’s worth the effort to try and steal. The real reason this is a great idea is that for just £10 you can keep your bike safe from accidental scratches, rust, rain, wind and frost. You can get a dust and weather resistant motorbike cover here for £9.99 <extLink></extLink>. Another motorbike cover we love is the R &G Oversize Water Proof cover this one is a bit pricier at £41 but is definitely worth it. Designed for larger touring and adventure style bikes it’s made to fit any ride. The higher quality material provides much better protection from the elements than the cheaper options; it protects against water, damp, scratches and wind damage so it’s perfect for those with a slightly bigger budget. <extLink></extLink> If you want to up the ante a bit more you can pair your motorbike cover with a wall or ground anchor for added security. This telescopic ground anchor is fitted onto your driveway under the ground and pops up when you want to chain up your bike. It’s a great security measure to take if you have the time and resources to invest because nobody is going to pull this bad up out of 290mm of concrete! You can find this ground anchor here for £59.99 <extLink></extLink>. A bit more of a simpler and cheaper option would be one of these: <extLink></extLink> this £25 ground anchor is a strong metal loop that you can fit to the floor or the wall, this chain passes through it and keeps your pride and joy safe and secure! Here are the most expensive storage options available, starting with this Clarke Motorcycle shelter . This shelter is water proof and provides UV protection. It keeps your motorbike completely out of sight from thieves as another bonus and if you really want to avoid damp damage you can put a humidifier in the storage. Although it’s a stable strong protection barrier against the elements there’s not much stopping a thief from cutting through the material. That’s where we take it up a step! To get the highest possible level of safety and security for your bike you’re going to need to spend some big bucks, this motorcycle garage will set you back a hefty £929 to start with but we think it is so worth the pennies and here’s why: A motorbike shed like this gives you complete protection from the elements, rain, wind, dirt, dust you name it and your bike stays sparkly clean Moisture! We all know the damage moisture can cause to your bike both inside and out so why not get a sturdy air tight shed that won’t like a single drop of condensation touch your bike? Vandals and thieves, the most hated people in the motorbike world opportunists or calculated gangs they will do anything to get their paws on your ride. The most effective way to keep vandals and thieves at bay is to have your bike locked up in a metal shed that they have no change of breaking their way into it You don’t only have to store your bike in it, if you get the right sized model it can become your own little workshop where you can store you bike gear and tools and work away on your motorbike for hours See it here <extLink></extLink> As you can see you don’t need to shell out a grand for a metal shed if you want to store your bike, whether you are concerned about thieves, vandals or accidental and weather damage there’s an affordable option for you to choose. We recommend that every biker should have at least a cover and a lock as standard. If you have any favourite tips and tricks to storing your bike let us know!

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