Summer Riding Guide


I’m sure by now most motorbikers have got sick and tired of winter, the icy roads, rain and freezing temperatures make riding a motorbike less than pleasurable and safe. So it’s time to look ahead to summer 2017, the long rides and sunshine! Here’s everything you need to know to make the most of this summer with our summer riding guide…


When it’s hot, humid and sweaty as hell you’re regular motorbike gear just won’t do (unless you don’t mind over heating that is) so it’s about the right time of year to invest in well ventilated comfy summer time gear while it’s still on the cheaper side!

Two words: lightweight and breathable. Every piece of your outfit plays a part in keeping your body at the right temperature, keep an eye out for gear with lots of ventilation and well placed protective materials that keep you cool without sacrificing on safety. A great piece of gear you should get for this summer is a new jacket, swap out the thick toasty leather jacket for a ventilated one made with open weave fibres and strategically placed protection for maximum air flow. We recommend the Alpinestars Sante Fe Drystar Jacket Air MP ( Mesh pants are another must for summer, they allow for more movement and room to avoid the sweaty legs/overheating that you get in normal riding jeans or leather pants. The air mesh panels gives maximum air ventilation with the same protection as traditional biker pants, we recommend these textile trousers from REV IT ( ).


Summer time is the time of year to get out on your and explore the world around you and the best way to do that is on the back of a motorbike! Whether you want to soak up the countryside scenery or explore the winding city streets there’s a motorbike perfect for you…

The Triumph Tiger Explorer is a great all-rounder for summer time, a reliable commuter and perfect for spending hours tearing up the countryside as well. It has a three-cylinder 1200cc engine with 135bhp so you have plenty of power behind you to run errands or race over miles of open road and hills!

For those of us more suited to a scooter the BMW C600 and C650 Sport are great machines and the cheapest included in our guide. After the failed C1 in the 90s BMW have really upped their scooter game creating two great little riders both powered by 650cc 59bhp twin-cylinder engine, both of these bikes are nifty enough to get from A to B on the cheap and have enough power and capacity to take short tours in the summer.

If you’re more of a sporty rider check out the Ducati 1199 Panigale, getting one new will set you back a hefty £19,000 but it’s worth it for an absolute beast of a bike and excellent piece of Italian engineering. With a 1199cc V-twin engine producing 192bhp it’s so powerful you’ll have no problem tearing up the roads this summer time.

Motorbike Routes

The UK has some of the most amazing scenery and exhilarating riding routes you could ever wish for all right on your door step. So now you’ve got the gear and the perfect bike why not take advantage of the summer time weather and take your bike out for a spin.

If you live in the North West of England there’s a good chance you’ve heard of the in famous Cat and Fiddle road, this 11 km road through the Peak District is known as the most dangerous road in the UK and has a 50mph speed limit. Don’t let the speed limit put you off though, it’s still a huge favourite with bikers with its long stretches of open road and winding blind corners it’s a thrill seekers dream!

Moving up to Cumbria is the Hardknott Pass in the Lake District, this old Roman road is one of the UK’s most intense motorbike routes to travel on. It’s the steepest road in Britain and is not for the faint hearted, if you do feel up to the challenge and manage to reach the 1291 feet summit it is totally worth it purely for the beautiful rolling country side and breath taking view at the top!

Last but definitely not least is my personal favourite, Glasgow to Inverness. Riding the A28 between the two cities really is an amazing experience. Sweeping gracefully with nothing to get in your way it’s as if this road was built with bikers in mind. Take time to admire the surrounding Scottish Countryside and stop at the numerous pubs, campsites and viewing points on the way.